The Team

Kudo Surf Founder/CEO


James O'Donnell – Founder / CEO

Board Specs: Cocosurf Dora Single Fin 5'11


A passionate surfer, James wanted a job that allowed him to surf the world. One way he could do it was to create a company that caters to surf events. James believes in importance of the right gear at events, that most of the time he personally carries it to the event. #LivingTheDream


Kudo Surf Sales Director


Marja Abad – Global Sales Director

Board Specs: JS Industries Monsta Box 5’5”


Marja aims to live a simple but meaningful life. Living and working on the island with her great friends, surfing around the world and volunteering for the local community, she has found her sweet spot in the universe and wakes up each day excited to face a new challenge.



John Corder – Development Manager

Board Specs: Longboard


John has long been in the online biz as he used to run an ecommerce site. He is definitely a foodie and is most passionate about food but he keeps himself fit with his favorite sport, Australian Football. He enjoys the simple things in life like good ole music, keeping things organized and learning new things.


Itinerant Photographer & Marketing Mouse


Sabs – Itinerant Photographer & Marketing Mouse

Board Specs: Al Merrick Pod 5'8"


Sabs has a restless spirit and itchy feet, absorbing all the good vibes Mama Ocean has to offer and pouring it into photos and words strung together. She moved to Siargao for the surf, seafood, and the no-windows wind-in-your-hair clean air bike rides.



All Around Writer


Camille Pilar – All Around Writer

Board Specs: 5’10” Custom Ehiku Thruster"


Based in the surf town of La Union, Camille is our correspondent from the North. When not surfing or writing, she helps key groups in the community organize eco-friendly events for sustainable stoke. Apart from good waves, all she wants is a clean beach.



Sales Associate - Philippines and Asia


Marie Fernandez – Sales Associate - Philippines & Asia

Board Specs: 5'8 shortboard customized for her by her shaper husband.


Marie's love for the sea and surfing compelled her to move from the city to her beloved surf spot with the aim of living a simple but purposeful life. She spends most of her time taking care of her family, surfing, gardening, and volunteering for community eco projects.



Graphics Designer & Illustrator


Bianca Natalie L. Otivo – Graphics Designer & Illustrator

Board Specs: HP Longboard


I am a an artist who likes to keep moving. When I am not in the water or working I enjoy sport climbing and pole dancing with my friends. My dream is to live beside the ocean one day, to enjoy the simple things nature can give and to use my art to give back to her.