Scientifically Developed Visual Technology

The SAMS™ Diverter design breaks up the silhouette of the Board to appear as separate objects and unlike normal shark prey, such as a seal.

Available Products:

SAMS™ Diverter Sticker: a marine-grade adhesive vinyl sticker that is applied to the bottom of your board. It comes with easy to apply instructions, application fluid and takes minutes to apply.

SAMS™ Diverter Inlay: the SAMS™ Diverter pattern is printed directly to 4oz Fiberglass cloth, and ready to be incorporated into the manufacturing process of new boards

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Surfing legend Taj Burrow chats about why he’s supporting SAMS visual technology - scientifically developed to potentially reduce the risk of shark attack.

Scientifically Developed Visual Technology

Shark Mitigation Systems (SMS) is an Australian company based in Perth, Western Australia. Perth is located on a stretch of coastline that experienced a rapid increase in the incidence of fatal shark attacks, with 6 deaths in the period between August 2010 and July 2012 (ISAF, Florida Museum) and became a global focal point for research and innovation in the field of shark science.

SMS was founded by Hamish Jolly and Craig Anderson, both of whom are passionate ocean users who set out on a mission to better understand shark behaviour and to develop non-invasive solutions for water users to mitigate negative interactions with sharks.

Taj Burrow joined SMS as an Ambassador in June 2016. Living in the South West of Australia, he has personally experienced the rising incidence of shark activity in that region

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Long Board Inlays

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