Kudo Surf Riders

In our efforts to give back to the environment and the community, Kudo Surf is active in providing help and support to the following riders and groups. Be part of the journey from the beginning. Help competitive athletes in the Philippine surfing scene. Your support helps raise funds for these stars to get to competitions, train safely, eat right, sleep well and stay focused.

Nilbie Blancada Pro Surfer

Nilbie Blancada

Mark Escoltura Pro Surfer

Mark Escoltura

Gabriel Antipasado Pro Surfer

Gabriel Antipasado

Piso Alcala Pro Surfer

Piso Alcala

Manette Alcala Pro Surfer

Manette Alcala

Ong Montenegro Pro Surfer

Ong Montenegro

Nildie Blancada Pro Surfer

Nildie Blancada

Carlito Nogalo Pro Surfer

Carlito Nogalo

Kyron Rathbone Pro Surfer

Kyron Rathbone

Eduardo Alciso Pro Surfer

Eduardo Alciso

Mai Mai Alipayo Pro Surfer

Ana Mae Alipayo

Osot Alcala Pro Surfer

Osot Alcala

Kai Kai Alcala Pro Grom

Kai Kai Alcala

Adam Auffay Pro Surfer

Adam Auffay