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Siargao Island has long been envied for its perennially perfect waves and various depictions of paradise. Naturally, Siargao became home to some of the country's most talented surfers, and year after year, they got better and better.

It was only a matter of time before local Siargao talents caught the attention of the international surfing scene. Big companies offered sponsorships in the form of free gear and surf apparel. In return, the local surfers had to become brand endorsers.

Despite these sponsorships, the local surfing scene lacked a vital element for growth. Aside from free clothes and surfboards every now and then, the big companies didn't give anything back to the local community. The surfers were growing their businesses by endorsing their products but these surfers weren't being groomed to become professional competitors. Companies were quick to give away their merchandise but they weren't keen on providing the backing needed to join international surf events.